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Office 365

Status - Approved

 Approved for use. 

Tool Description

TAMU Office 365 integrates in Canvas and connects to your One Drive account to add files to Assignments, Modules, and Course Navigation through the Rich Content Editor. Office 365 allows students and instructors to collaborate, create, and share documents and files within Canvas. Users can also view their One Drive directly from Canvas through the course navigation menu.

Overview of Office 365 Integration

The Canvas integration with Microsoft Office 365 considers the humans behind the technology and makes it possible for teachers and students to:
  • Link to Office 365 docs in the Canvas Rich Content Editor.
  • Add Office 365 docs directly to Modules.
  • Use Office 365 documents, spreadsheets, or presentations for Canvas Collaborations.

Link Office 365 files in the Rich Content Editor of a Page

When instructors create Pages, Assignments, Announcements, or any other tool that uses the Rich Content Editor, they have the ability to link Office 365 files directly with the editor to easily display to students. Both Teachers and Students have the ability to embed content from their Office 365 into the Rich Content Editor, depending on the Canvas tool. 

Below we have provided the steps for how to embed Office 365 files within Pages, but these steps can be used within any Canvas tool that employs the Rich Content Editor such as Assignments and Announcements.


Add Microsoft 365 Files to Modules


Student Submission using Office 365

When instructors create an assignment in Canvas and select the Online submission type and allow for File uploads, students have the ability to submit using their OneDrive content. When instructors are ready to grade, the submissions will populate within SpeedGrader for grading.




 For more info on this tool, please visit the Office 365 support page.