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New Quizzes

Status - Approved

  Approved for use.
Tool Description
New Quizzes is a new assessment engine built to meet the assessment needs in your classroom today and in the future. Leveraging modern technologies, New Quizzes features include a series of feature enhancements and new item types, and bring workflow improvements to what is commonly encountered in Quizzes Classic.


  For more information and support for this tool, please contact the Office for Academic Innovation.

Overview of New Quizzes

Instructure has released New Quizzes, a new quizzing tool for Canvas. New Quizzes offers several new features and question types, but is missing many features from the current Quizzes tool on which many instructors depend. Eventually, New Quizzes will replace Classic Quizzes, but rest assured, this will not happen all at once. There will be plenty of time to move from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes. TAMU has enabled New Quizzes in Canvas so that instructors can begin to familiarize themselves with the tool by experimenting in practice courses and/or using it for no- or low-stakes course activities. Please note that Instructure will continue to add to its feature set over the next year. New Quizzes offers several features and question types that Classic Quizzes does not, but it also does not currently have every feature available in Classic Quizzes. Right now it may be beneficial to use one over the other depending on the sort of quiz or exam one is giving.

Workaround for Migrating Question Bank to Item Banks

Instructure has provided the following workaround if you would like to start migrating your question banks that are linked to a Classic Quiz to item banks that are linked to future New Quizzes.