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Status - Approved

 Approved for use. 

Tool Description

Peerceptiv is a third-party enterprise tool in Canvas that can help assist with peer reviews and peer evaluations. Peerceptiv enables true peer-to-peer learning, while offering professors the flexibility to participate in assessment any way they wish. Faculty can use real-time data to collaborate with students throughout the review process or participate selectively. Instructors can choose to benchmark grades with their own reviews, review all submissions, or generate grades with Peerceptiv’s advanced, proven algorithms.

Assignment types available in Peerceptiv

Peerceptiv offers two peer review type of assignments and also provides an option for group evaluations. Below are most common types of applications of assignment for courses at Texas A&M.

Individual Peer Review Assignment: This is the most used peer review assignment where a student uploads a document and peers can be assigned to review it. This assignment has two required phases and a third optional one.
  • Submission Phase – Students will have the ability to upload an assignment to be reviewed.
  • Review Phase – Students will provide feedback to the students they were assigned to.
  • Feedback Phase – Optionally, students to give feedback on the reviews. This allows students the opportunity to learn to give better, more directed feedback.

Group Submission Peer Review Assignment: Group Submission assignments are essentially the same as normal assignments except submissions are done as a group. The Review phase is then done individually and then the feedback phase can be done as a group.


Peer Evaluation Assignment​: Peer evaluations are a great way to gauge how students participated and were involved as a group. This assignment type sets up an evaluation of predefined groups where every member of the group rates each other on a scale from 1 to 5. Instructors can set up criteria and rubrics to guide the process and have Peerceptiv send back a grade based on the results for each student. This assignment can be linked to a group assignment in Peerceptiv or done separately with groups from Canvas.



 For more info on this tool, please visit the Peerceptiv support page.