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You Have Opted Out of the Observer Program for Athletics

February 01, 2022

You are receiving this message as we did not receive a response via ORCA on your preference to opt in to the Observer Program for Athletics during the designated window.‚Äč



By default, you have now opted out of the Observer Program for Athletics.

You will need to take specific actions for NCAA reporting purposes for the student athlete(s) enrolled in your course(s).




NCAA rules and regulations require student-athletes to meet certain academic benchmarks to be eligible for competition. Due to these requirements, the Center for Student-Athlete Services provides academic support and resources, as well as actively monitors their academic progress. Having opted out of Student Observers in your class, the Center for Student-Athlete Services will request multiple updates throughout the semester on the academic status of all student-athletes in your class. These requests will be sent via progress reports and individual emails asking information such as class attendance, current grades, and remaining assignments.
Please visit this link for more information on the Center for Student-Athlete Services’ responsibilities for student-athlete requirements