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Fall Courses Available in Learning Management Systems

July 15, 2020

Dear Fall Course Instructors,

All Fall 2020 courses have now been loaded in both Canvas and eCampus. Courses in Canvas are unpublished and courses in eCampus are inactive. Per the Provost’s email on June 29, 2020, the expectation is that all course instructors communicate to students in the syllabus which learning management system will be used to teach each course.


  • When you log into Canvas you will see two new course shells associated with each of your Fall 2020 courses.

    • Development shells (Dev) should be used to design your Fall 2020 course. As a courtesy, we have created a development shell and enrolled all associated roles from Compass into this shell (i.e. TAs). Development shells do not have any associated student enrollments and cannot be used to deliver course content.  

    • Live shells will be used to teach your Fall 2020 course. This shell will receive student enrollments from Compass. When you have successfully copied your course content from your Dev shell to your live shell, you will need to publish your live shell for students to see it. Please note that students also do not have access to the course until the first day of the Fall 2020 semester (August 19, 2020). 

  • The Canvas Opt-In App is now live.

    • Please opt in to using Canvas for the fall semester by using our Opt-In application

    • Requests for courses needing to be combined, stacked, or cross-listed must be received by 11:59 p.m. on August 25 via the Opt-In App to take effect in CanvasYou should not publish your course until these actions have been applied. Click here for the definitions of these types of courses. 

    • Please note that requests made in this application may appear different from how your courses appear in Howdy, as changes to course scheduling are still being allowed until July 24.

  • Course associations for the fall semester are handled via a manual process. Course Instructors will need to contact their Department Scheduler to assign roles in Compass. Please allow for a processing period, which may result in a few days delay in those roles appearing in your Canvas course shells. 

  • Grading for Summer 2 will require manual entry into Howdy as we continue to develop the submission integration between Canvas and Compass. We anticipate having a more automated process in place by the end of term for the Fall 2020 semester. Please recognize this is a milestone we have not yet achieved in our Canvas implementation at Texas A&M University and keep this in mind as you weigh the various considerations for making the move to Canvas

  • We have been working with the Faculty Senate to integrate the updated Minimum Syllabus Requirements into the blueprint that has been applied to all course shells in Canvas. Fall 2020 Minimum Syllabus Requirements are reflected in your Canvas shells under the Syllabus tool on your course navigation. Please note there are placeholders for two components which still require final university-level approval. These include statements on student mental health and COVID-19 related procedures. When these are finalized and approved, we encourage you to copy and paste these into the section provided to you in the Syllabus tool in Canvas. 

  • To get started with Canvas, we encourage you to explore Canvas “out-of-the-box” functionality.

  • We encourage you to use Zoom in Canvas so that your students have meeting links and recordings in one centralized location. Learn more about how Zoom integrates into Canvas here (video) and here (download a PDF).

  • More tips and tricks for using Canvas, as well as specialized trainings and virtual office hours, can be found under the Training and Support tab.


  • When you log into eCampus you will see your live course for Fall 2020. Requests for Development courses need to be made through eCampus Tools

  • If you need courses combined, stacked, or cross-listed for the fall semester, please follow the steps below:

    • Email

    • Add Subject: Fall Course Combining Request

    • In the body of the email include: subject, course and section number(s) of all courses to combine

  • NOTE: Course combining should be completed before students have access to the course and before content is added.

  • If you need to add additional members to your course (i.e. TAs, Alternative Instructors, etc.):

  • NOTE: Role Definitions are located at the bottom of the Enroll Members page

  • We encourage you to use Zoom in eCampus so that your students have meeting links and recordings in one place. Learn more about how Zoom integrates into eCampus here (video) and here (download a PDF). 

  • More tips and tricks for using eCampus, as well as specialized trainings and virtual office hours, can be found under the Training and Support tab. 


For additional support, contact the Office for Academic Innovation Service Desk by emailing or calling (979) 458-3417.