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Practice Courses Available in Canvas July 6 for Fall Course Instructors

June 28, 2020

Dear Fall Course Instructors,

On July 6, 2020, all faculty assigned to teach in the fall will be issued one practice course shell in Canvas. This will provide a space for you to get familiar with Canvas’ tools, practice importing content from eCampus, and build content from scratch in Canvas. Please note that this will only serve as a practice shell in Canvas and cannot be used to deliver instruction from at a later date. Canvas course shells for Fall 2020 will be made available once the fall schedule is finalized by the Office of the Registrar. A separate announcement will follow with more detailed instructions when the fall schedule is confirmed.

Ahead of July 6, we encourage you to:

  • View our What You Can Do Now video for eight actionable steps you can take ahead of July 6 so that you are equipped to develop a quality teaching and learning environment for the fall.

  • View our Making the Move video for decision points you can consider ahead of gaining access to Canvas.



A separate email will follow on July 6 when practice courses are available and will include detailed login instructions for fall Course Instructors.

We recognize that early access to Canvas on July 6 is still a short timeline for Fall 2020 course development in Canvas. If you decide now is not the right moment for you to make the move to Canvas, all courses for Fall 2020 will be pre-loaded in both eCampus and Canvas.

We appreciate your continued support as we enhance the digital learning environment at Texas A&M University.

Jocelyn Widmer
Assistant Provost for Academic Innovation