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Learning Technologies

Texas A&M University currently supports the following learning technologies. The Office for Academic Innovation promotes learning technologies that integrate into Texas A&M University’s Learning Management System as a way to optimize the teaching and learning experience for both course instructors and students. 

The digital learning environment at TAMU can be distinguished between the built-in features in Canvas and the Third-Party Tools. For a breakdown based on overarching pedagogical goals, view our Canvas and Third-Party Tool Framework.

Canvas and Third Party Tool Framework PDF

Canvas Out of the Box

Canvas offers features that can enhance your teaching power and the student’s learning experience, saving you more time and effort, and allowing greater focus on other priorities. We will discuss current and future features that will be available in Canvas. Let’s dive in!

Third-Party Tools in Canvas

  • Accessibility & Academic Integrity


  • Communication & Collaboration


  • Assignment & Assessment


  • Multimedia