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Texas A&M University provides two learning technologies to help you integrate large files and multimedia assets; and create collaborative spaces to enhance the student experience within your course.

Adding files, media, and other external resources to cloud-based storage options, including Google Drive and Mediasite, can benefit the student experience in many ways. Using cloud-storage solutions offers more flexibility for how and when students access course resources. This allows students to concentrate more on the resources offered to enhance learning rather than the technical issues that may become barriers to access.

Benefits for Using Mediasite and Google Drive for Teaching and Learning:  



  • Share large files with students
  • Add multimedia content such as images and videos to course content pages, quizzes, and assignments
  • Embed and link files through the Rich Content Editor ​(Canvas)



  • Designate a space for students to create, collaborate, and organize files and folders
  • Enhance student efficiencies by providing access to course materials without the need to download
  • Ensuring a successful student experience leads to a better instructor experience!



             Storage Capacity at a Glance


Course file quota: 1 GB


2 GB

Google Drive



Mediasite is Texas A&M University’s standardized streaming media system that provides either public or private access to video and audio content. Mediasite integrates with Canvas.

The primary objective of the project is to replace the VPR-IT’s MediaMatrix system, which will be decommissioned, with Mediasite for all relevant existing and future academic streaming media content.

Mediasite in Canvas



Mediasite in Zoom

zoom blue logo
Zoom recordings can be saved directly to your Mediasite collection. Each scheduled Zoom meeting will need the settings to be saved to Mediasite. To access this, an account with Mediasite will need to be set up prior to the meeting to ensure recordings transfer to Zoom. 

Google Drive

Google Drive is integrated into Canvas at TAMU. All users can authorize their Google Drive accounts for access within Canvas assignments (docs, slides, and sheets apps).

Google Drive in Canvas