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Gradebook loading slowly and regrading occurring slowly in large courses

 In Progress

Gradebook Issue: Some Canvas Gradebooks in large-enrollment courses are experiencing unusually long load times. 

Gradebook Solution: 

Instructure is investigating the slow loading of gradebooks in large-enrollment classes.  Load times in these courses can vary from 90 seconds to several minutes.  Currently, this issue is primarily impacting courses with an enrollment of over 500 students, but courses of other sizes may be affected. 

Regrade Issue: When regrading quizzes in Canvas, changes in grades are reflected after an unusually long time.

Regrade Solution: Change the quiz posting policy to manual prior to regrading. Regrade the quiz and allow for 24-48 hours for the grades to be properly reflected.

Anyone experiencing this issue can consult Consideration for Large Courses for possible workarounds.  Also, if you are encountering these issues, please chat or email Instructure Support and indicate that you are experiencing slow load times in the Canvas Gradebook.