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Turning Off New Rich Content Editor in New Quizzes

 In Progress

Issue: The Rich Content Editor (RCE) in Canvas was turned off due to quiz content copying improperly during a course copy if the content was added using an RCE. This only affects New Quiz content created after the RCE was enabled for New Quizzes on December 17, 2022 and copied to a new course.


The Office for Academic Innovation is currently working with the vendor to find a permanent solution. You will still have access to the original RCE that was previously used.

Expect the following experience while the issue is being resolved: 

  • If you are building a New Quiz from scratch or copying a quiz that has not been modified with the new RCE, your content will be editable and also viewable by students. 
  • If you have modified your quiz and added any course content since December 17, 2022, but didn't copy the quiz into a new course, or only copied within the same course, it will be viewable by students, but not editable. The editor will look broken and you will have to replace the content.
  • If you added course content and copied the quiz outside the original course, students may not have access to the course content while taking a quiz. You will need to replace that content in your copied quiz to make edits and ensure viewability by students. 

Course content includes: course media, course images, course documents, course links, user media, user images, and user documents.