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Signing into Zoom using your TAMU NetID


Issue: Faculty and students attempting to access Zoom sessions or recordings receive an error message that states they are not authorized or have no permission.

  1. Confirm email address in Canvas account
    • Confirm that your official TAMU email address is linked to your Canvas account (
  2. Verify logging in using the SSO method and authenticating using your TAMU NetID and password. 

There are two methods to sign into Zoom using Single Sign-On. Our recommended approach is the first method as this will log you in to all of the resources within TAMU’s Digital Learning Environment. 


Method 1 - Log In through the Zoom Portal

Step 1

Go to and select Sign In.

Step 2

Enter your TAMU NetId and password.  

zoom tamu login on desktop cas tamu login on desktop


Method 2 - Log In with Zoom App with SSO

Step 1

Open the Zoom app and select SSO.


Step 2

Enter tamu as company domain. 


Step 3

Enter your TAMU NetId and password

zoom log in on mobile step 1   zoom log in on mobile step 2   zoom log in on mobile step 3

Zoom is linked to your TAMU-NetID (SSO) to help simplify the login process and eliminate the need to maintain additional resource-specific passwords.

After authenticating with netid and password:
If using the Zoom application in Canvas to access the meeting and recording, select Zoom on the course navigation menu, then click on join or start to join a meeting, or the cloud recordings tab to access recordings. 

For additional information: 
For additional information, refer to the Activate your TAMU Zoom account guide and the Logging into Zoom using SSO video