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Overwriting Grades when using CSV Imports of the Gradebook


Students’ grades are altered in Gradebook in Canvas after the CSV file has been exported and worked on by the instructor. Upon importing the updated CSV the instructor is unable to import data changes without causing unintended changes to be made in the Canvas Gradebook.

Hide or exclude the columns in the CSV file export that you do not want to be altered in the import to Canvas.
Below are the steps you can take to save columns from being overwritten: 
1.       Once you have altered the grades or desired changes to the CSV file, locate the columns you want Canvas to exclude in the import.
2.       In the Points Possible row locate the cell for the assignment or quiz.
3.       Remove the number (points) from the cell and replace with “(read only)”. This will tell Canvas to exclude the assignment or quiz column from the import.
4.       In your Canvas course, Navigate to Grades then click Actions.
5.       From the sub menu click Import.
6.       Click Browse, select the gradebook CSV file then click Open.
7.       You should see the attached CSV file in Canvas, click Upload Data.
8.       Review the changes presented and click Save Changes.

Additional Resources
For more information, please see How do I Import grades in the Gradebook?