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Microsoft Teams roster synchronization

In Progress

Issue: Instructors are experiencing issues with students losing access to their Class Teams. In some cases, some or all students in the Class Teams are being removed.

SolutionRe-syncing the roster in Canvas is temporary solution as of now. Students may still be dropped after syncing the roster.


To re-sync the roster, try the following:

  1. From the course navigation menu, click on Settings.
  2. Select the Integrations tab.
  3. Enable the Microsoft Sync toggle.
  4. Click on the dropdown arrow next to Microsoft Sync.
  5. Click the Sync Now button to sync your Canvas course with Microsoft Teams.

There is a known issue of Texas A&M experiencing connection issues to Microsoft Teams that is currently being investigated. Our admins are aware and are working with the Division of IT to resolve the issue. No timeframe as of yet for when we expect this to be resolved.


Additional information on how to use this tool can be viewed on the Microsoft Teams tool page.