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Respondus LockDown Browser and New Quizzes not displaying Quiz Results

 In Progress

Issue: When Respondus LockDown Browser is used with New Quizzes and an until date is used the Quiz Results becomes inaccessible to students after the until date passes. 


We have reached out to the vendor for Canvas (Instructure) to report the observed behavior and their engineers are aware. There is currently no ETA on when this issue or behavior will be fixed. 

To allow the Quiz results to be viewable by students when using Respondus LockDown Browser and New Quizzes the instructor can try the following: 

Option 1:  If all students have already submitted or the teacher will accept late submissions, removing the until date will allow students to see the results in LDB.

To do this: 

  • Access the quiz by clicking the title of the quiz. 

  • Locate the “Assign to” box.  

  • Highlight the date in the “Until” field and click the Delete key on your keyboard. 

  • In the bottom left corner, click “Save”. 

​Option 2: Alternatively, if the teacher doesn't mind students having access to the results outside of LDB, disabling LDB for the quiz will allow students to see the results on the submission page.  You can choose to do this once all submissions have been made or after the until date has passed. 

To do this:  

  • From the course’s side menu, click “LocKDown Browser”. 

  • Locate the Canvas Quiz and click the arrow pointing downwards. 

  • From the drop-down menu, click “Settings”. 

  • Click the bubble next to “Don’t require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam”. 

  • Click “Save + Close”. 

  • To the right of the quiz title, check to make sure that the LockDown Browser and Proctoring columns say, “Not Required”. 

For questions regarding this issue, reach out using the support methods found here: