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Issue Accessing Files from Google Drive in Canvas

In Progress

Issue: Some Faculty and Students are experiencing issues when trying to access content or files using the Google Drive integration in Canvas. Some faculty experience issues when trying to share a file using the Google Drive integration. Some students are not able to view content that has been shared using the Google Drive integration. This issue also affects previously shared, embedded or linked content within a course from the Google Drive integration.

An example of a screenshot of the error Faculty and Students are receiving may be: 

Solution: We have implemented a new tool, Google Drive LTI 1.3 where you can expect better stability for sharing content and all authorization issues that were previously encountered. We recommend transitioning from the existing Google Apps tool to the new Google Drive LTI 1.3 tool. The current Google Apps tool will eventually be deprecated and removed from Canvas. All users should use Google Assignments in Canvas moving forward to prepare for the deprecation.

Note: Although the integration will be deprecated, all instructor and student Google Drive files will remain intact. 

For more information and support on this tool, visit our Google Assignments Tools page.