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Honorlock Issue with Quizzes when Copying Course Content


Issue: Courses with a Quiz that had Honorlock enabled in a previous semester and used the Course Copy function to migrate their content to the Fall semester and are no longer authorized to utilize Honorlock are running into an issue with students attempting the quiz. 

As a reminder, DE programs approved for use of Honorlock include Mays Business School, School of Law, School of Public Health, College of Engineering, and College of Nursing, as communicated to the campus community in May. 

The following is the solution provided by Honorlock: 
The best way to avoid this from happening in the future is to ensure that faculty disable their Honorlock exams prior to copying their course. In the event that the course is copied without Honorlock being disabled in their exams, all the instructor would need to do is edit the iFrame and remove all of the content related to Honorlock (located within the Canvas written instructions) and remove the access code option from the exam. Honorlock should not actually be enabled in these exams as they would need to manually perform this step even after a course copy.