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Grade Schemes in Canvas


Instructors receive errors after importing grades from Canvas in Howdy. The primary cause of errors received is due to the grading scheme not being set correctly.

For grades to be passed to Howdy from your Canvas course they must have the correct Grading Scheme Applied. The acceptable grading schemes will either be a Course Letter Grade (A,B,C,D,F) or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U). The Course Letter Grade scheme cannot include the plus (+) or minus (-) to import properly and will have the letter options with a range of 100-0. The Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory scheme will have satisfactory from 100-50 and unsatisfactory from 50-0
Below are the steps to ensure your grading scheme iscompatible with importing grades to Howdy: 
  1. From the course navigation, click on Settings.
  2. From the Course Details tab, select the Enable course grading scheme checkbox.
  3. Click View grading scheme to view the current schemes available.
  4. In the pop-up window, click Select Another Scheme to select another or click the Pencil icon to make changes to the default scheme. 
    • Course Letter Grade will have the letter options with a range of 100-0 without the plus or minus. 
    • Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory will have satisfactory 100-50 and unsatisfactory 50-0.
    • Note: You can create your own grading scheme to match the percentage range you would like each letter grade set to by selecting manage grading schemes and Add grading scheme.
  5. When you have selected the correct scheme, select Done.
  6. When complete with making changes, click Update Course Details.  
Additional Resources
For more information, please visit How do I enable a grading scheme in a course? and How do I add a grading scheme in a course