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Duo App Conflicts with Lockdown Browser

 In Progress

Issue: The recent (10/2) upgrade of Duo allows for authentication using a fingerprint.  LockDown Browser does not allow fingerprint access and no other authentication options are presented to students. 


As of 10/25: The source of the issue was isolated and the office for Academic Innovation is currently working with the vendor to establish a permanent solution.  Until a permanent solution is communicated, anyone experiencing this issue can direct students to:

  1. Allow the Duo authentication to time out (approximately 60 seconds). 

  1. Select an alternative means of authentication (including push notification). 

  1. Authenticate. 

  1. Access Canvas and take the assessment. 

If you are encountering the issue and the current workaround does not solve the issue, please chat or email Instructure Support and indicate that you are experiencing a conflict with Duo and LockDown. 

As of 10/6: The issue has been reported and is being investigated.