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Athletics Observer Role in Courses


Issue: Athletics requested to leverage Canvas as a tool used by peer institutions to track and monitor student athletes for eligibility requirements. Canvas has two functionalities associated with its Observer role: the first is access to observe an individual and the second is access to observe a course. The use case for Athletics’ purposes was to observe at the individual level, linking a student athlete with an athletic advisor.

Solution: A new student observer role has been created in Canvas. This role allows for the ability to pair a Scholastic supervisor with an assigned student athlete in a course in Canvas. Additionally, a faculty opt-in process has been devised for Scholastic Supervisors to use Canvas to track, monitor, and report requirements to ensure student athletes at TAMU meet NCAA eligibility standards. The New Student Observer role access in Canvas has been designed to reduce the administrative burden for instructors who have student athletes in their course sections.
For more information on this role and to view a list of permissions the role can and cannot view, please visit our Texas A&M Student Observer Role page.

Additional Resources 
Student Observer Opt In Process Demo 
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