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LMS Architecture Committee


Meeting Schedule 

Every other Thursday

Standing Agenda 
ORCA Updates, LMS Administration Updates, Service Desk Updates, Training Updates, and Communication and Outreach Updates
November 4, 2021
November 18, 2021
December 2, 2021
December 16, 2021

LMS Advisory Committee


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Stephen Caffey
Faculty Representative


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David Cairns
Department Head Representative


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Kathryn Falvo
Galveston Faculty Representative


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Tara Gray
Staff Representative


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Beverly Irby
Associate Dean Representative


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'Jon Jasperson
Faculty Representative


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Andrew Klein
Faculty Senate Representative


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Paulo Lima-Filho
Undergraduate Studies Representative


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Sven Lohse
Student Representative


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Jason Mastrogiovanni
Student Success Representative


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Rajesh Miranda
HSC Faculty Representative



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Morgan Schweller
Graduate and Professional School Representative



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Kristi Shyrock
Faculty Representative



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Heather Wilkinson
Office of the Dean of Faculties Representative



LMS Executive Committee


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Tim Scott
Interim Provost and Executive Vice President



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Joseph Pettibon
Vice President for Enrollment & Academic Services



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Ed Pierson
Interim Vice President for Information Technology & CIO



Juan Garza

Juan Garza
Associate Vice President for Academic Services 
Ex-officio Member



Dr. Jocelyn Widmer

Jocelyn Widmer
Assistant Provost for Academic Innovation
Ex-officio Member



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Mauro Sericano
LMS Project Manager​




Meeting Schedule 

Once a Month


Academic Liaisons



Academic Liaison 1 

Academic Liaison 2

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences  Vidya Patil Dan Murany
College of Architecture     
Mays Business School 'Jon Jasperson  
College of Dentistry Carmina Castro Jeffrey Lowry
College of Education & Human Development  Jere Liu Kevin Lawanto
College of Engineering Ted Seidel Gerry Pedraza
College of Geosciences Irene Ai  
Bush School of Government & Public Service  Lisa Brown Rebecca Burgner
School of Law Mark Collins Xiyao Huang
College of Liberal Arts Shweta Kailani Evan Peterson
College of Medicine Jennifer Maldonado-Castillo Mark McCall
School of Military Science Meredith Simpson  
College of Nursing Carol Peckinpaugh  
Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy Gilbert Reyna R. Steve Leggio
School of Public Health Patty Luna-Arvizu  
College of Science Kim Ritchie  
College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences Laura Hammons  
Texas A&M University at Galveston Lexis Fentanes  
Texas A&M University at Qatar Miklos Kovacs Karawan Alsaleh

Meeting Schedule


2022 Meeting Schedule

Meeting Topics

Meeting Objectives

Meeting Notes

January 12, 2022 Beginning of Semester Procedures
  • Review beginning of semester processes, to include course merging, export/import process, and setting up a Spring 2022 course. 
  • Review lessons learned from the Fall 2021 semester for enrollments and final grade submission. 
Meeting Notes
January 26, 2022 Student Observer Role
  • Discuss the new Student Observer Role Process for Athletics and how Instructors are able to Opt-In.  
Meeting Notes
February 9, 2022 Third-Party Tools
  • Discuss the request and intake process for third-party tools for potential Fall 2022 integration.
Meeting Notes
February 23, 2022 Communities in Canvas
  • Discuss Communities in Canvas and gather feedback for improvements.
Meeting Notes
March 9, 2022 New Quizzes in Canvas
  • Discuss the New Quizzes timeline and share additional resources. 
Meeting Notes
March 23, 2022 Third Party Tool Request Results for AY 2022 - 2023 
  • Discuss and share the results of the third-party tool request process for AY 2022 - 2023.
  • Discuss expectations for the third-party tool compliance process.
  • Request volunteers for testing the Mastery Paths feature pilot. 
Meeting Notes
April 11, 2022 Final Grade Submission and Canvas Support update
  • Discuss the upcoming changes and facilitate feedback on the changes to the final grade submission process.
  • Discuss upcoming changes to Canvas support.
Meeting Notes
April 20, 2022 Canvas Support
  • Discuss upcoming changes to Canvas Support.
Meeting Notes
May 4, 2022 End of Semester guidelines
  • Discuss end of semester procedures, including final grade submission.
Meeting Notes
May 18, 2022 End of Semester procedures
  • Provide updates to the Fall 2022 course shell delivery timeline.
  • Discuss the final grade submission process and updated resources.
  • Provide an update to the AY 2022 - 2023 third-party tool request process. 
Meeting Notes

Academic Liaison Resources


Third-Party Tool Testing Process

Outlined below are the steps for Academic Liaisons participating in the Third-Party Tool Testing Process: 



LMS Outreach

Faculty Outreach

The LMS Operations Team provides a video update to the Faculty Senate each month to highlight key implementation milestones for Canvas; review continuous improvements to the digital learning environment; and provide relevant data points. The videos are posted on the Faculty Senate Current Agenda the Friday before the next meeting.
LMS Update - January 2022   LMS Update - December 2021   LMS Update - November 2021   LMS Update - October 2021   LMS Update - September 2021   LMS Update - August 2021   LMS Update - July 2021   LMS Update - June 2021   LMS Update - May 2021  
LMS Update - April 2021
LMS Update - March 2021
LMS Update - February 2021
LMS Update - January 2021
LMS Update - December 2020
LMS Update - November 2020
LMS Update - October 2020
LMS Update - September 2020


Student Outreach

The LMS Operations Team provides updates to the Student Senate on relevant student-facing features and improvements that will impact the student experience in Canvas.
5 Reminders for the Texas A&M 
Digital Learning Environment
  Championing The Student Experience
with Sven Lohse
  4 Reminders for the Texas A&M 
Digital Learning Environment
  Our Year with Canvas at Texas A&M  
LMS Student Update - Spring 2021