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Zoom and Canvas

How Zoom Works in Canvas

TAMU’s instance of Canvas integrates Zoom as a default tool in Course Navigation of each course. There are settings and features available for enabling in the Zoom app and web portal that are not available to be enabled directly on Canvas. If you know you will only be using Zoom for class meetings and recordings, you can change your Zoom settings in the Zoom web portal to the recommended settings below.

Guide to Teaching with Zoom

 ZOOM is a video conferencing and online chat platform used increasingly for online delivery and social interactions. ZOOM integrates into Canvas and allows for real-time exchanges between students and content; students and professors; and among students. We encourage you to use ZOOM in Canvas to improve the student experience in your online course.  

Accessibility Support

Zoom Event Setting Protocols

(Applies to Zoom Meetings only - not Zoom Webinars)

Before Presentation

During Presentation 

After Presentation